Alarm dialers for guarding your process

Hans Damen
Commercial Director
Monitor your technical installations

Receiving alarms on your cell phone on time can prevent damage to your business. Our alarm dialers and alarm modems provide the most reliable monitoring and alarm reporting for your technical installations. With our modem versions you can contact your PLC or controls if required. Adesys products enjoy having the confidence of the large insurance companies. Look at Sector solutions to see were Adesys alarm equipment is used.

The ease of automatic monitoring

By monitoring your technical installations and transferring any alarms to call your GSM telephone or pager, you don't always have to be on site to see if anything is going wrong. Adesys BV has specialised in monitoring technical installations for more than 25 years. More >

We are pleased to help you

It may not be an easy matter for you to choose the correct product for your alarm installation situation. We can help you to arrive at the correct product choice in a telephone conversation lasting just a few minutes. You will also be given price information then. You can contact the Adesys sales department on +31(0)174 296389 or via .

Support and customised service from Adesys

Adesys' role doesn't stop with delivery. Our help desk is ready to help you with installation and initial start-up. You have direct contact with our expert, technical staff for adjustments and customisation. You can find examples of customised solutions here.